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We will be implementing paperless billing.  The cutoff for mailed copies will be July 31, 2022.  Please update your email address via the contact form to ensure billing is not interrupted.  Or you may email us at accountsreceivable@aadvantagelaundry.com.

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Truckload Special

Let your laundry operations find their perfect match with Dexter and Continental Girbau's innovative OPL solutions.

Seize this exclusive opportunity with our Perfect Match Special. Elevate efficiency in your On-Premise Laundry setup. Offer ends February 23, 2024!

Girbau Industrial

Girbau Industrial

Girbau Industrial products drive down cost by making your laundry operation more efficient.

Big Dreams Come True

Big Dreams Come True

For Experienced Owners

Fixed Rates Starting at 3.99%
No Origination Fees
90 Days No Payments, 90 Days Interest Only

For New Owners

Fixed Rates Starting at 6.24%
Packages Start at $10,000
6 Months Interest Only

Maytag Financing

Maytag Financing

July 1 – December 31

Get financing rates as low as 4.99% for up to 36 months. Make your next commercial laundry purchase a Maytag.

Until the end of this year, customers have the option of financing for 36 months with 0% APR for the first 6 months and 5.99% APR for the remaining 30 months OR pay 5.99% APR for 60 months.



A low cost, all inclusive laundry leasing solution.

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AAdvantage Laundry Systems, founded in 1996, is one of the largest volume distributors in the South. We offer turn-key solutions for on-premise laundries, vended laundries, and industrial laundries, which include design and layout services, financing or leasing options, a full-service department, construction consultation, business projections, site location demographics, and evaluation of green-friendly alternatives to reduce energy consumption and operating expenses. AAdvantage Laundry Systems carries a full range of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, ozone systems, ironers, and finishing equipment.

We Sell & Service laundry equipment from Dexter, Continental Girbau, Maytag, Whirlpool, Econ-O, LG and B&C Technologies.

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What's New at AAdvantage Laundry Systems

What to Consider When Selecting A Washing Machine and Dryer for Your Catering Business

If you own a catering business, nailing that first impression is crucial to your success – your brand image is your business card. Clients are sizing up a catering company based on how professional it looks and the quality it brings to the table. When uniforms are grubby and linens are stained, it doesn’t just…

Keeping Your Washer Running Smoothly: Expert Advice on Maintenance and Troubleshooting

You wouldn’t order at a restaurant if yesterday’s dinner covered the linens and uniforms. And you wouldn’t stay at a hotel with dirty sheets and towels. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in; when your washer is on the fritz, the reputation of your business is at risk. To safeguard against these risks, investing…

4 Ways Commercial Laundry Equipment Can Improve Your Party Rental and Restaurant Business

Every catering and party rental business owner knows that linen replacement costs can quickly pile up. The fibers in your napkins, tablecloths, and chair covers can break down or weaken if they are overheated. As a result, your linens will look old and worn before their time. We all know that laundry is an unavoidable…

The Importance of Laundry Machine Efficiency: The Right Choice for a Greener Tomorrow

As Earth Day approaches, we’re excited to highlight the important role that efficient laundry equipment plays in conserving precious resources like water, gas, electricity, and detergent, all of which directly impact our environment. As experts in the laundry field, we’re committed to making a positive difference. Modern commercial washing machines vary significantly in their water,…

What are the Advantages of Choosing On-Premise Laundry Versus Outsourced Laundry Services?

If you own a business that deals with a large amount of laundry, you may be tempted to outsource your laundry tasks to a linen company instead of investing in an on-location laundry facility. As a provider of commercial laundry equipment across the US, we do a lot of calculations for clients. We look at…

Benefits of Upgrading Your On Premise Laundry Facility

Upgrading commercial laundry equipment can be intimidating for any business. However, we are here to alleviate any concerns you may have because there are several benefits to updating your commercial laundry equipment. When you upgrade your on-premise laundry facility, you are not only replacing outdated equipment with newer, better pieces of equipment, but you also…

Why Your Business Should Invest in an On-Premise Laundry Solution

If you’re exploring the advantages of on-premise laundry equipment, you’re probably already using a commercial laundry service or linen rental service, or you’re in the early phases of developing your business and want to assess the advantages and disadvantages of in-house vs off-site laundry. When considering if an on-premise laundry is right for you, there…

6 Tips to Improve Your Spa & Salons Bottom Line

With nail salons, massage parlors, barbershops, and spas on nearly every corner, it is more important than ever for those in the beauty industry to stand out from the rest. Quality, commercial laundry equipment can provide services to help you do that! While many beauty-focused companies use home appliances or older, outdated units, commercial washers and dryers may…

Tips for Successfully Upgrading Your Multi-Housing Laundry Room

For almost 50 years, AAdvantage Laundry Systems has been a premier laundry distributor in the South. Our multi-housing laundry projects have ranged from upscale Dallas high-rises to college dorms to quaint condominiums and duplexes in the suburbs, and we’ve seen our fair share of successful laundry room makeovers along the way. With this in mind,…

How To Increase Your Laundromat Profits

We realize that, like any other company owner, you’re continuously exploring different ways to increase your revenue. Whether your laundry is making a lot of money every month or has hit a plateau in terms of sales and revenue, there is always room for improvement.  With a little effort, you can easily raise your company’s…





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